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Cajun Stories and Humor

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Cajun Men Tell Funny Stories

Most people know that us Cajuns are all about passing a good time with some good laughs. Here you'll find some classic Cajun humor and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Enjoy!


Most Cajuns are raised good Catholics, so they take marriage seriously. But, hunting and fishing are also important to good Cajuns in order to catch those wonderful foods they grew up eating. You'll note in this classified ad that a Cajun recently put in a local paper that Cajun food must have a high priority.

The ad reads:

"Eligible Bachelor wants: Woman who can cook, sew, take care of house and who has a boat and outboard motor. Please send photo of boat and motor!"



Cajuns speak their mind, but sometimes they have a colorful way of putting things that might be confusing to others:

Two neighbors were discussing the sale of a mule by one to the other. "Arceneaux, now don't you try to talk me out of buying your mule," said Leblanc. "You say he don't look so good, but to me he looks very good. He's got strong legs, a big chest and his tail...well it hangs over his rear end just right." "OK Arceneaux, you win," answered Leblanc, "I will sold him to you for $200 because we are such good frands." Arceneaux loaded the mule into his trailer and took off for his farm. Two days later he hurriedly drove his truck back to the gate of Leblanc's farm with the mule loaded in the trailer. "Doggone you Leblanc," hollered Arceneaux, "I never taught you would pull a stunt like dat on me. Dat mule, he's blind in both eyes!" Leblanc looked calmly at his angry friend, "Mais what stunt I pulled on you. I told you in the first place dat mule don't look so good, hanh!"



Lil' Prairie is twenty minutes South of Kaplan on Louisiana Hwy 35. On the way to Lil' Prairie Hunting Club on Friday evening, we always bring a can of orange spray paint. On the way down, we spray all the roadkills we see on the road with orange paint. Then we go to the Lil' Prairie Lounge and enjoy a cool six pack. After an hour or two, we send a designated driver to Kaplan to gather all the roadkills without orange spray paint. In this way, we're assured of fresh meat for supper, using the following procedure: Clean game—drink more beer. Cook stew—drink more beer. Enjoy—with beer.



(Cajun Humor Purposes ONLY!)

As further proof that Cajun men to indeed cook, one of the Beaver Club members offers the following recipe for:

"Old Fashioned Turkey Stuffing"

3 cups bread crumbs
1   teaspoon salt
1   teaspoon poultry seasoning
2   cups popping corn (uncooked)
½  cup water
2   grated onions

Mix all ingredients until moistened. Fill cavity of turkey and bake for about three hours at 350 degrees or until the popcorn blows the turkey's derriere across the room.

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Cajun Stories and Humor

Cajun Men Tell Funny Stories

Most people know that us Cajuns are all about passing a good time with some good laughs....

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